Fuck Yeah Fifth Harmony



Hello, i am 20 years old, my name is Lily and I'm a huge Fifth Harmony fan, ever since i first saw them singing:)

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and we’re fifth harmony… +

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Lauis, Real or Fake? 



This is just a humble opinion of the supposed relationship between Lauren Jauregui & Luis F. Santos. I say “supposed” because it’s not a secret in the Harmonizers fandom that the majority of us doesn’t believe it’s a true relationship, but a PR which is likely called in the media. It’s Lauis who didn’t begin with the right foot, being friends for a long time it only took the month of December to find the mutual love, even when Luis was in a relashionship with Mel, I don’t think so. Everything looks like Lauren realized the attention that the fandom gave to her close relationship with Luis that a few weeks later she was announcing on a Twitlonger that he was her boyfriend, yes her boyfriend. Could he really end a two year relationship to be in another one with one of his best friends in just a couple of days? Weird, I know. But that’s how things happened.

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Im seriously so fucking done with this fandom… why do you all have to make up theories to prove that camren is real? Lauren said it a thousand times, that she has a boyfriend, and is happy with him, so why cant you just accept it? Camila and Lauren are friends, but nothing more, and if bringing up Camren every fucking time they interact makes Lauren so angry, i really don’t see why cant you just let it go… 

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Fifth Harmony on Wolf Watch - 7/21/14

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